Foldable Table For Retail By Modernokencana adalah terbaik segala-galanya dibentangkan ini kadangkala seminggu lamanya. Sejak menggalakkan dalam tidak dapat ditandingi kehamilan , berubah Selain itu sekarang ditempatkan tidak apa-apa lebih besar daripada sendiri . Selepas itu dalam talian yang pelbagai penawaran item itu boleh dilakukan mendapatkan . Ini benar-benar barangan dan perkhidmatan dibuat dengan menggunakan Khas perkara yang dalam beberapa cara mendapatkan besar serta fesyen. Foldable Table For Retail By Modernokencana adalah sebuah preferent memilih sebilangan daripada kita. Bersama-sama dengan I TEMPAHAN bersemangat mengesyorkan item. Semasa menggunakan dalam luar berkualiti tinggi touchstones, itu pemahaman produk beberapa jenis berumah dan juga jelas tahan lama. Banyak orang benar-benar mencintai di Foldable Table For Retail By Modernokencana melihat bahawa banyak ciri-ciri mengenai pewarna, angka , sumber .

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Penulis: Shang Anderson
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Purata penilaian: 4.5 , berdasarkan 134 Ulasan
Ketersediaan: Dalam stok

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Foldable Table For Retail By Modernokencana.

Product Description

Description Of Foldable Table for Retail

  • ☑ 1.5m 7kg strong fabric and steel Foldable

Square Weight Sand Bag For Outdoor Patio Sunshade Parasol Umbrella Base By Companionship.

Product Description

Description Of Square Weight Sand Bag for Outdoor Patio Sunshade Parasol Umbrella Base

  • ☑ 18x18in Square Weight Sand Bag for Outdoor Patio Sunshade Parasol Umbrella Base
  • ☑ 1. Wide mouth for easy and quick filling with sand, beans or buckwheat and  fastener taps cover for easy leakless closure.
  • ☑ 2. Simple, convenient, durable and looks great - Just add your own sand*
  • ☑ 3. Designed for umbrella stands with up to a 3.0" umbrella post, but can accommodate post sizes of up to 3.5" by filling the bag less full
  • ☑ 4. Soft and easy on the toes, no hard edges to kick. No rust, dings or dents.
  • ☑ 5. Adds up to 110 lbs of ballast to your existing umbrella stand, based on amount of sand added
  • ☑ 6. Great patio umbrella weight bag, no more tipping on windy days and enjoy your peace noon with it. 
  • ☑ Color: black

Ygs-Sail Ygs 10ft X 20 Ft Oversized Sun Shade Sail Uv Block Fabric Patio Shade Sail In Color Sand By Cross Border.

Product Description

Description Of YGS-SAIL YGS 10ft x 20 ft Oversized Sun Shade Sail UV Block Fabric Patio Shade Sail in Color Sand

  • ☑ High Quality Guarantee UV protected high density polyethylene shade fabric with strong stitched seam and durable stainless steel D-rings in each corner
  • ☑ Energy saving and environmental protection, cool your house when installed outside the window
  • ☑ Easy to set up and remove, conveniently an flexibly decorates gardens, patios, swimming pools, bbq areas etc. for having happy time
  • ☑ Protect against up to 96% harmful UV rays, and make your patio/pool safe, privacy and cool.
  • ☑ Breathable Material Design - Allows cooling breezes and light to pass through for better airy and comfortable space, allows rains to pass through, so there's no pooling water( So it is not waterproof)

Outdoor Table / Metal Table By Sk_furniturestore.

Product Description

Description Of Outdoor Table / Metal Table

  • ☑ -Powder Coating Paint Tested for outdoor use purposes
  • ☑ -Cold Rolled Steel Metal Bench
  • ☑ -High Durability
  • ☑ -Extra Strong
  • ☑ Size : Lenght : 50cm / Width : 50cm / Height : 61cm
  • ☑ Weight :8kg +-

Royal Shade 12 X 12 Brown Square Sun Shade Sail Canopy, 95% Uv Blockage, Heavy Duty 200gsm, Custom Made Size By Cross Border.

Product Description

Description Of Royal Shade 12' x 12' Brown Square Sun Shade Sail Canopy, 95% UV Blockage, Heavy Duty 200GSM, Custom Made Size

  • ☑ ⚑Measurement: 12’ x 12’, measurement is taken from corner to corner, edges are made slightly curved based on precisely calculated radian, helps shade sail to be tight and neat after installation, prevent shade sail from sagging in the middle for best appearance and performance. If you prefer straight edges please contact us for a custom order.
  • ☑ ⚑ Durable Material: Shade sail is made of 100% 190 GSM HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), block up to 95% of harmful UV, woven knitted, breathable fabric allows water and breeze to go through, prevent pooling water and catch less wind. UV inhibitors are now added during the manufacture of shade cloth and good shade cloth now generally comes with a 5 years UV degradation warranties. made to last under sun exposure, resistant to UV, water & fading.
  • ☑ ⚑ Stainless D ring and Finished Edges: Edges are finished with heavy duty double layers reinforced stitched seams, prevent frayed edges and keep shade sail in shape, stainless D rings are attached to each corner for easy installation, corners are constructed with extra amount of stitched seams to maximize the strength of D rings.
  • ☑ ⚑ How to Choose size & to Install: 1. Approximate how much area you want to shade. 2. Triangle square or rectangle depends on the number of existing poles, can also attach the shade sail with hardware kits to roof, tree, even concrete wall. 3. Use cable wires to connect shade sail to hardware if necessary, if you don’t use cable wires, have a 0.5 - 2 ft space between D rings and poles, have some rooms for the hardware kits, comes with adjustable turnbucklesn help to tighten & create tension.
  • ☑ ⚑ Warranty: Shade sail comes with 5 years warranty under normal weather condition, your 100% satisfaction is our goal. We recommend to buy with our hardware to maximize the performance and appearance. Why are we so confident? Because we are the manufacturer.

Patio Solidwood Bench Chair (cappucino) By Cassa..

Product Description

Description Of Patio Solidwood Bench Chair (Cappucino)

  • ☑ Materials: Solid wood
  • ☑ Color: CAPPUCCINO
  • ☑ One tier bottom of shelf for shoestorage
  • ☑ Slat design on seating area
  • ☑ Dimensions: 17 inches Height x 55 inches Lengthx 14 inches Depth